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Life After the Great War~ Chapter 8
Chapter 8~
    A long silence fell. Britannic was catching fish and sharing them with her eager brothers. Squeals ensued when a fish got away, and Hood would race off in pursuit. Nelson would chastise him for letting the finned creature get away in the first place. I smiled and said "It's so cute seeing their acts, isn't it?" The old warship returned the smile, then replied "Reminds me to some degree of life when I was young. Long before the people had they way with me. Long before the people had their way with me. Long before all of that. Although, I was mad at Hood earlier for associating with the humans, I too remember the day when I had no fear of them." He added with a wearied sigh "Now all I do is loathe them." I replied "You have fair reason to, dear." He tightly shut his eyes, as if to erase the troubling memories of his youth, and stated with a sinister snarl "If any human dares to approach my boys in the manner they treat
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 10 23
Life After the Great War~ Chapter 7
Chapter 7~
    Even then those boys had no right to be near my son, being typical, annoying people, they ran back to their parents, likely told them of my chain-snapping lunge of an outburst, which entailed two men coming forward from out the crowd with heavy whips. Oh yes, a ship can get punished for some 'ill-deed' just as much as some wearied cart horse. I had had the once-over flogging from these men before, and I hated them beyond words the English language could describe. They knew I hated them, too.
    The blows certainly hurt, but, true to my nature, I would never give those men the satisfaction of my being pained from their acts. When they left, I shot a fiery look at their retreating forms, and issued a last warning growl before turning my focus back to Southampton. Olympic cried "My heavens! Have they done that to you before?" I sighed and answered "Yes, they have. I am rather used to it
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 8 17
Life After the Great War~ Chapter 6
Chapter 6
    I had not realized just how deeply I missed the children until I saw them. Britannic exclaimed "Oh, Daddy! You look SO pretty!" I looked at her incredulously, and said "Me, pretty?! Now, that is something I've never heard before. I am more used to being thought of as a rusted up scrapheap!" She nuzzled her bow against mine, and said "You are my father, I'll never think of you as a scrapheap!" I replied "You take after your dear mother when it comes to such kindness, my darling."
    Hood cried with disgust "Flowers for a guy?! I don't have to wear those when I grow up, do I?" The look of fright and confusion on his face was pricelessly hilarious. I smiled and replied "Only if you are faultlessly brave to garner over a dozen decorations like I have will you have to wear flowers, soldier." He looked me over, then said "I don't think I wanna be brave, then." Nelson laughed and said "You're f
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 7 5,505
Life After the Great War~ Chapter 4
Chapter 4
    James was true to his word, and was indeed gentle. When he felt I accepted his touch enough, he switched to stroking me with his full hand. Although I still wasn't willing to fully relax, his touch was still welcomed. As a warship, my body was subjected to collisions and 'friendly-fire' far too often, so, when I was treated kindly, which was very seldom, I had to relish it.
    He stroked the mid-region of my hull one last, then approached my bow area so I could see him. He laughed, held up his hands and said "Look at me!" The palms of both hands were stained bright orange from the dust which came off the severely rusted places on my hull. Guilt filled my heart at that, and I said "I'm sorry, James. I am." He reached up to gently stroke the side of my bow, and said "Don't be sorry. It's nothing for you to be ashamed of. You're just a poor, old battleship no one takes very good care of. How old
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 8 34
Life After the Great War~ Chapter 3
Chapter 3~
    There was still a couple months of work to be done on me within before I would be issued a clean bill of seaworthiness. My passenger accommodations were still spartan from being used by the soldiers. I would be shipshape only when I was restored to my gilt and chandelier sparkling glory. While sitting idly for the work to be done, my mind oftentimes drifted back to the recent war, and inevitably back to my beloved warship mate. I don't think there would ever be another like him. I was eternally proud up until my dying day that my mate, the highly regarded Commander of the Royal British Navy, was a blue-ribbon winner for kindness.
    My thoughts were disturbed by Mauretania, who was anchored not far away, having her lifeboats inspected. She smiled, and said "You're thinking of him again, aren't you?" I startled, then replied, trying to sound dignified "Oh, pray forgive me...I didn't think I looked so obvious
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 7 3
Life After the Great War~ Chapter 2
Chapter 2
     "Yes, darling. I will have to leave for New York." said I. Britannic and her brothers looked up at me sadly, and she whined "I want to come with you!" I sighed and said "I know, but right now that is not possible. My occupation may sound fun to you, but it is still a job, and I have to keep some degree of discipline. That is where your father and I are quite alike. Not only is he the Commander of the Royal Navy, but he is their flagship as well. Likewise, I am White Star's flagship, and my role is very important. If your Aunt Titanic was still alive, I'm sure we could of split the duties and shared them, but unfortunately, I am the only living adult for the named 'Olympic-Class'. " Britannic thought for a little while, then asked "So, you are as important to White Star as Daddy is to the Royal British Navy?" I smiled and replied "Well, being a Naval Commander still is a greater role, being military, but you could say
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 8 22
Life After the Great War~ Chapter 1
Chapter 1
     I sailed back to the home country a little less than a week and a half later. Before I could relive my previous occupation as a transatlantic liner, I had to be repainted to my White Star livery; then be rid of my firearms. All wartime accoutrements had to be stripped. Britannic had only known me with the dazzle paint, so she was very excited to see my transformation. I was glad to be rid of those stripes, but sad all the same, for they were my last ties with the Great War.
**Months later, I sat upon the ocean's crest, my hull outfitted in ebony black, my decks snow-white, and my four funnels buff and black-capped. My bow again read 'OLYMPIC'. I was me, no longer 'T2810', the troop-transporter. As I sailed back out into the harbor, flying my White Star burgee, the surrounding ships sounded their whistles, and many cried out "Welcome back!" I smiled out of courtesy, but deep inside, I was sad
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 8 34
Titanic's Forgotten Sister-Chapter 52
Chapter 52~
**When Olympic had faded from sight, I had never felt lower in my life. I had told her everything I had wanted her to know, but it still seemed as if the farewell had lacked something. The cold reality of possible never seeing her again was enough to send me into a horrible state. So horrible, I had to try and push that thought far from my conscious beliefs.
**When I finally managed to look away from the rising sun, I was preparing to leave for my fleet, when what I next saw rendered me completely immobile. Directly in my path there sat a beautiful ocean-liner. She was partially broadside, but facing me all the same. It was her portside that I saw. She looked strikingly like Olympic, and for a moment, I thought she was. A rash thought, but that's what I believed. What gave her away, though, were emerald green eyes. Instead of the Atlantic Dazzle, she was outfitted with an ebony hull and four buff-orange and black-capped funnels, whic
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 7 32
Titanic's Forgotten Sister-Chapter 51
Chapter 51~
**It was our last evening together. All of us. The next morning, Olympic and the children would be leaving. Little Hood and his brother were fast asleep, but Britannic had remained awake despite her mother's pleas for her to get some rest for the big day on the 'morrow. Despite my outwardly harsh looks, within, I battled to keep a somewhat strong countenance. Olympic was the first to speak. Looking up at me with tears starting to darken her sapphire eyes, she whispered "I cannot believe it is all over. It seemed like yesterday was 1914, and this war had just begun." I looked at her sadly, and said "It does seem so, my treasure." She continued "I suppose I'll never be able to thank you enough for all the short, but precious years together. You're an easy fellow to love, and although you are a warship, you've completely earned the title of 'gentleman'." I gently pressed my bow against her and replied "I a
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 6 21
Titanic's Forgotten Sister-Chapter 50
Chapter 50~
**The fighting picked up in October, and the battling between the English and the Germans became darker than ever. This war had already been going strong since 1914. It had to be won some time or another. By them, or by us. By this time, I was so tired of it all, I don't think I even cared. I just wanted it to be won and out of the way. If you think I sound hasty about getting rid of Olympic, you are severely misinterpreting me. I was just weary from fighting. Not that I anticipated the boring downtime for a warship once out of service, but at least I wouldn't be on alert every time I heard something behind me. Second Officer Edwards came upon my prow later that evening, and said "Well, HMS Tempestuous, the sooner the war is over, the sooner the Great Ceremony can be held. The sooner you can get those lovely flower garlands upon your rails." I glared and grumbled "Thank you for reminding me, Edwards. Thank you very kindly. I could not
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 5 20
Titanic's Forgotten Sister-Chapter 49
Chapter 49~
**I returned to the North Quarter a week and a half later on a cloudy Thursday evening, tired and exhausted. Although I was old, I was no slacker when I had to fight for the sake of my country, and that very day, I had sunk two German battle-cruisers. It had actually been quite a long time now since I had sunk an enemy ship, but I had not at all lost my skill. Younger ships had always thought my huge bow-mounted artillery to be rather clumsy to handle, as they were the largest guns of any warship around. I was very adept at using them, though, and in a split-second of calculation, I knew whereabouts to fire in the Enemy's hull for the result to be deadly. So, in other words, I may fire at said Enemy four times when only two charges would of done the job.
**A lot of the younger soldiers were cocky, and by my mere looks alone, they didn't think I was much to be afraid of. Yes, the firearms were always attention-grabbing, but more widely og
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 6 16




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